Bio-Link Depot Special Announcement
We will need some help Monday
Monday, September 12th, 11 AM

We visited Cortis today and saw that they have some great items. We need help to grab them and load them on our truck. Here are pictures: CORTIS DONATIONS.  Reply to this email if you can meet us Monday in the Newark/Freemont Area and we will give you the details. Also, Monday morning UCSF has free chairs, see below.

Don’t Forget! Next Open House, September 17th @ 10 AM!



Cortis Donations: Monday

We need help this Monday at 11 AM to help pick up donations from Cortis in the Newark area. See Pictures. We have biosafety cabinets and other items available. Reply to this email, if interested.

USCF Parnassus Chairs: Monday 5a7e63a2-5b20-4fd4-85d7-e960d36ae20e

UCSF has to get 102 of these off of the School of Dentistry loading dock (rear of 707 Parnassus) on Monday, Sept. 12th. They will be brought onto the dock that morning as the replacement chairs arrive earlier in the morning. Reply if you would like to pick up these free chairs.