Bio-Link Depot Mission:
Empowering educators and researchers with donated scientific equipment and supplies

What We Do:
We accept donations of biotech supplies and equipment and give them away for free to science educators at our Open Houses events.

Since 2002, the Bio-Link Depot has connected teachers with needed science supplies though our clearinghouse of biotech industry donations. City College of San Francisco (CCSF) operated the Depot in its early stages under Bio-Link, a national organization that enhances biotechnology education through professional development and sharing of information with educators, students, and industry. Bio-Link is an Advanced Technological Education Center for Biotechnology funded by the National Science Foundation. In 2015 a new nonprofit formed, Bio-Link Depot, Inc., to advise, enhance and grow the beneficial activities of the Depot.

The Depot has become a gathering place where teachers meet, pick up equipment and supplies, and also donate their time and ideas. In the 2016-2017 NSF reporting year, the Depot received donations of valued over 1.65 million. It distributed over $913,204 worth of equipment and materials to over 100 schools, positively impacting 306 teachers and 17,010 students. In July of 2017 after 4 months of closure in the SF Bay Area, the Depot acquired 2 locations, one in Oakland, the other on the Foothill College Campus to continue its service to science educators.


2002: Genenetech gives the Depot $50.000 seed funding
2002: CCSF/Bio-Link starts program
2006: Depot begins functioning as a distribution center
2011: Bio-Link publishes an Equipment Depot Resource Guide
2013: Forms Advisory Committee
2015: Incorporated as a 501c3
2017: Acquires Oakland site