Bio-Link Depot Mission:
To give unneeded lab supplies and equipment a new life at middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. 

What We Do:
We accept donations of biotech supplies and equipment and give them away for free to science educators at our Open Houses events.

Bio-Link Depot, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization formed in 2015 to advise and enhance the activities of the Depot. City College of San Francisco (CCSF) operates the Depot under Bio-Link, a national organization that enhances biotechnology education through professional development and sharing of information with educators, students, and industry. Bio-Link is an Advanced Technological Education Center for Biotechnology funded by the National Science Foundation.

The Depot has become a gathering place where teachers meet, pick up equipment and supplies, and also donate their time and ideas. The Depot has distributed over $5,000,000 worth of equipment and materials to over 90 schools, positively impacting over 32,000 students each year. The Depot has 40-50 volunteers who regularly support the Open House events. Over 300 teachers have benefitted from Depot supplies and Equipment distributed through Open Houses.


  • 2002: Genenetech gives the Depot $50.000 seed funding

  • 2002: CCSF/Bio-Link starts program

  • 2006: Depot begins functioning as a distribution center

  • 2013: Forms Advisory Committee

  • 2015-16: Incorporated as a 501c3