Open House is THIS Saturday!
Saturday, January 21st from 10 AM to 2 PM.

We have some great items ready for you at our SFO location and can always use volunteers for the Friday set-up. And speaking of locations, the Depot will be moving from our City College of San Francisco Airport Campus location on or before May of 2017. More details below.

Our SoCal Depot will have their Open House on Feb. 25th from 10 AM to 1 PM. Contact Kari or Emalee about donations for the SoCal area.

See you soon!


Daniel O. Michael
Bio-Link Depot

The Depot is Moving
After 15 years at CCSF’s airport campus, the Bio-Link Depot, Inc. (Depot) agreement to use part of the campus for educational equipment storage and donation operations, has ended.

This will provide the Depot the opportunity to move to a new site that better matches it’s significantly expanded activity, and to better collaborate with synergistic programs at community colleges and other educational non-profits. About 3 years ago, an advisory committee was formed, anticipating a new site was needed, to better sustain and expand the Depot’s operations, and to provide a template for Depot’s in other regions to form. ¬†This advisory committee resulted in the formation of the new 501c3 nonprofit, Bio-Link Depot, Inc.

The Depot in now searching for a new site for our anticipated move, on or before May 2017. If you would like to help with our relocation efforts you can contact Daniel Michael.

SoCal Depot

The first SoCal Bio-Link Depot Open House on December 10th, 2016 was a great success with a teacher attendance of 43 with 32 schools participating, including several from the San Diego area. We outreached to 228 teachers of which 194 subscribed to the MailChimp list within the month of November and December 2016. This was the fastest build-up of our mailing list since we started the Depot! Congratulations to Emalee, Kari, the Irvine Valley College team, volunteers and donors that mad that happen.

The SoCal team are busy building inventory for the next Open House on February 25th from 10 AM to 1 PM. Contact Kari if you would like to volunteer your time or donate equipment or supplies.