Oakland: December 15 @ 10AM 

You will also need to get tickets—>GET TICKETS

Here is where you will learn how to get supplies from the Depot. Here are the steps:

Step #1: Sign-up & Register —->>> Registration Link

Step #2: Check our newsletter, or site for Open House Dates. We have 4-6 open houses per year.

Step #3: Come to the Depot Open House and bring your school ID. (Prepare to volunteer: Setup- 30 minutes, breakdown 30 minutes). Shop for supplies, fill out a form listing your items and check out with all your free stuff!

(Extra Credit) Volunteer! (Sign-up) for accepting deliveries and Pre-Setup day.

 Open House Ground Rules (Please read this carefully!)

Nearly everyone who comes to the Depot gets carried away their first time. We are stocked with biotech supplies and equipment. We understand that many educators are starved for supplies (that’s why we are here). But you need to move slowly, document what you take, and don’t take all of any particular item, such as pipets or glassware. We are trying to distribute basic supplies as equitably as possible. We have especially large quantities of glassware, pipette tips, filers, centrifuge tubes, vials, and syringes of various sizes. Feel free to load up! However, Remember take what lab supplies you actually need, not what you can carry.