1. Register on our website or mailing list before arriving to the Open House.

  2. Bring your school ID or other form of documentation.

  3. Attendees must check/out at the Registration table. Don’t take items through the parking lot chained area.

  4. There are designated areas for shopping and items such as carts; office equipment, tape guns, furniture have “Property of” stickers on them. If you are not sure if an item is a giveaway or not, please ask.

  5. There are designated areas for holding your items: Outside against the southern wall of the Depot and in the hallway behind the check-out table. Please label your items or place your registration sheet on top.

  6. Be mindful that there are other shoppers. As a general rule, please take only a “car load” full. This may not include a large item such as a refrigerator.

  7. If you see a large item that you will have trouble taking today, try to arrange a friend or other Open House attendee to haul your item today (day of the Open House). If you are unable to make arrangements please contact the Depot Director as soon as possible.

  8. Safety: No running/climbing. Lift with your legs, not your back. If an item is heavy or out of reach, please ask for assistance.  If you see an exit blocked, broken glass or other hazard, please report it.

  9. There is approximately a 30-minute set-up period and a 30-minute break-down and clean-up period. Please do not “shop” during these periods. The Depot Director will make these time periods clear.

  10. Green stickers (issued at the registration table) designate that you have been at Depot before and will do their best to answer questions. Red stickers are Newbies. Notice if anyone does not have a sticker and refer them back to the registration table.

  11. Please do not sell your items on eBay, Craigslist or any other manner. All supplies must go to your school. If you are unable to use your item you are free to donate it back to the Depot.

  12. Please sign your registration sheet and fill it out completely. You can ask people with Green stickers for approximate value of an item or do a Google Search. These forms will help us secure future funding.

  13. Carts are available throughout the Depot. Please use them for loading and unloading only.

  14. Boxes are located in the Northwest corner of the Depot lab. If they run out, contact us immediately. Tape guns are available to create boxes that are flattened.

  15. Wear comfortable clothing, No open-toed shoes