After 15 years at CCSF’s airport campus, the Bio-Link Depot, Inc. (Depot) agreement to use part of the campus for educational equipment storage and donation operations, has ended.

This will provide the Depot the opportunity to move to a new site that better matches it’s significantly expanded activity, and to better collaborate with synergistic programs at community colleges and other educational non-profits. About 3 years ago, an advisory committee was formed, anticipating a new site was needed, to better sustain and expand the Depot’s operations, and to provide a template for Depot’s in other regions to form.  This advisory committee resulted in the formation of the new 501c3 nonprofit, Bio-Link Depot, Inc.

The Depot in now searching for a new site and all operations have closed at the CCSF Airport Campus. If you would like to help with our relocation efforts you can contact Daniel Michael.