Advancing Educational Equity By Creating
A Circular Economy For Scientific Materials

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Environmental Science teacher Ray Bargas poses with his class at Justin Garza High School (Fresno, CA) in lab coats acquired from the Depot

Bio-Link Depot is a unique organization that provides millions of dollars worth of donated laboratory equipment and supplies for free to educators and researchers, to promote scientific training for students at all levels. We have diverted more than 100 tons from landfills in the last year.

The Depot is run mostly by volunteers and has served the educational and academic research community for 22 years. Our efforts have allowed underserved institutions to expand their science education and research programs.

In appreciation of our efforts, Bio-Link Depot was awarded the prestigious Pantheon DiNA award by the California Life Sciences Association for Biotech Educator for 2018. With your support, we will continue fostering Science Education by enhancing hands-on STEM learning opportunities.

Teachers make an appointment to pick up free science supplies at the Depot!

Between our Open House event dates, we encourage educators to make an appointment to pick up free supplies from our warehouse full of STEM lab supplies.

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Donate funds to support STEM education!

We are the only organization of our kind in the country—combining the power of circular economy, equitable education values, and a passion for science. Together, we believe we can uplift science education for all.

Donate Equipment & Supplies

Donations have many benefits: Diverting landfill, helping teachers obtain needed supplies for their students and providing industry tax deductions.

Receive Supplies

We have a warehouse full of science supplies, including consumables, glassware, PPE, equipment, and more! If you are an educator, it’s free to sign up and attend our Open House events, or schedule an individual appointment.


You can support the Depot by donating your time as a volunteer. This may include working the registration or check-out tables, moving materials out to the dispersement area and helping educators who are new to the Depot.

I’ve gotten tens of thousands of dollars of donations for the public school I work for that have been invaluable in helping us meet our educational goals and maintain our tight budgetary constraints… not only are they a fantastic resource for teachers, they’re also just a nice bunch of folks.

Jason Dries, MA, BS

Science Department Chair, Piedmont Hills High School

Through Bio-Link Depot, BioCurious has received numerous equipment and consumables that allow us both to save funds and function as a wet lab. Bio-Link Depot makes it possible for hundreds of teachers and educational organizations like ours to get ahead, so that we can offer classes and training to people who otherwise would not be able to access it.

Eri Gentry

Co-Founder & Executive Director, BioCurious


Environmental Impact

Bio-Link Depot is able to divert over 100 tons annually of lab supplies and equipment out of landfills.

Community Impact

Through the Depot last year alone, over $750 million worth of supplies were distributed to 267 educators, positively impacting over 81,000 students.

Education impact

Since 2002, Bio-Link Depot has connected teachers with needed science supplies through its clearinghouse of biotech industry donations.