Volunteer With the Depot!

We welcome volunteers at each of our scheduled events, as well as on weekdays by appointment!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at the Depot is one of the best ways that you can help teachers and fulfill your philanthropic desires. We need volunteers in all capacities. Volunteers from educational institutions and corporations can enjoy the opportunity to network with educators and researchers.

At the open houses, volunteers:

  • Work at registration or check-out
  • Move materials out to the dispersement area
  • Help educators new to the depot
  • Sort and stock equipment and supplies
  • Clean-up

Some volunteers help prior to Open Houses and are part of the core team that assists with:

  • Receiving donations from trucks
  • Cataloging equipment and supplies 
  • Organizing and sorting supplies
  • Making sure all materials are ready for the Open House


  • Volunteers will need to sign a waiver form
  • Unfortunately, you cannot volunteer if you are under 16 years
  • You may be required to wear close-toed shoes or boots and clothing that will provide safety depending on the task.