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We commenced operations in 2002 based on funding from the National Science Foundation, with City College of San Francisco operating the Depot under Bio-Link, a national organization that enhances biotechnology education through professional development and sharing of information with educators, students, and industry.  Based on the growing support of many other groups, we have expanded over the years to incorporate with our independent 501(c)(3) status since 2015.


Bio-Link Depot, Inc. is a unique, innovative, community-based nonprofit organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our efforts are focused on promoting scientific training and literacy for a range of students, by providing educational institutions with millions of dollars worth of laboratory instruments, equipment and supplies/consumables (that might otherwise go to waste), at no cost to the recipients.  We accomplish this by receiving and processing donated materials at a central warehouse in Oakland, and then redistributing them to instructors and researchers from schools, colleges, and universities.  These services have especially enabled underserved K-12 schools to expand their STEM education programs, laboratory classes, and research – given that they have very limited financial resources to set up and run the hands-on labs which are essential to provide students direct experience with biotechnology techniques that promote an interest in, and develop skills for, careers in science.  In addition to supporting local education, donors meet sustainability goals by giving new life to excess equipment and supplies, while also being able to receive a financial benefit from potential tax deductions, and avoiding disposal costs.


Our Mission

Advancing educational equity by creating a circular economy for scientific materials.

Board of Directors 

Kristi Budzinski, Ph.D.

Board President

Green BioPharma Program Manager
Roche Diagnostics

Sara Ponzio

Board Vice President

Deputy County Counsel
Santa Clara County

Michelle Nemits

Board Treasurer

Executive Director, Bay Area

Professor Nick Kapp, Ph.D.

Board Secretary

Skyline College

Lucia Mokres, DVM

Board Member

CEO & Principal
Araneae Biotech Consulting

Elaine Johnson, Ph.D.

Board Member

Executive Director

Kareem Dossa

Board Member

Senior Vice President
Thomas Scientific

Tom Steele, Ph.D.

Board Member

Bio-Link Depot, Inc.

Angela Wilbourn

Board Member

Area Development Director

Emeritus Board Members 

Hank Stern

Former Board President

Vice President, CMC
ALX Oncology

Dave Menshew, Ph.D.

Former Board Member

Forensic Biotech Teacher
Enochs High School

Romit Soni

Former Board Member

Chief Executive Officer
United Scientific

Depot Staff Members

Marisol VelaChiu

Managing Director

Bio-Link Depot, Inc.

Maggie Pieper

Depot Coordinator

Bio-Link Depot, Inc.